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Beard Care Tips You Should Consider

When it comes to keeping a beard, there is a bit more that goes into maintaining it. Anyone who decides to grow a beard needs to invest some time in beard care and grooming so as to keep their beard looking healthy and well-taken care off. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much work in order to maintain a good looking beard. Whether you are planning to keep a short, medium or long beard, understanding these maintenance tips will make your grooming work much easier.

Make sure you wash your beard with natural shampoo for men at least two or three times a week. Regular cleaning makes sure that your beard not only stays clean but also smells good and prevents any accumulation of food particles. It’s important to give your beard the same level of attention as your head. While there are many products created for washing your beard, you don’t need to purchase special washing products, instead choose a simple shampoo. Make sure to choose a beard shampoo that uses natural ingredients and one that is sulfate free. Before buying beard products, read their product labels carefully to help you identify safe products with no chemicals.

Choose the right beard oil to keep your beard well conditioned and hydrated. The best way to keep up your beard’s shine and ensure that it stays soft is to use the best beard oil with essential extracts. Oil also moisturizes the skin under your beard preventing flakes and itchiness while also maintaining follicle health. Both your beard and the skin underneath should be kept healthy. To ensure you are using your beard oil well, only use a few drops and massage it on the base of your beard, in contact with your skin. Gently use your hands to evenly spread the beard oil over the entire beard and skin underneath. Apply beard oil 2-3 times a week during humid climate and daily during dry climates.
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Learn how to trim your beard. When it comes to proper beard care and grooming, trimming is one of the most important things to do. In case you have a long or medium sized beard, you can use simply grooming scissors to unwanted hair. For short beards, a trimmer will be much easier to use. While trimmers are good for creating split ends on your beard, scissors allow you to shape your beard better. Make sure that every few weeks you trim off loose ends, uneven patches and split ends. It’s good to follow the natural lines of your face when trimming and ensure that your beard hair maintains a uniform length. Once you are done trimming, brush your beard using a small beard brush.
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Don’t forget to trim your neckline. Your trimmer should be of good use when maintaining neckline hair growth. In case you experience fast hair growth on your neck, make sure that you trim the excess hair 2-3 times a week. For those who grow beards, buying the right range of beard care and grooming products is vital. You can find numerous stores online specializing in a variety of beard products. Have a look at what different leading brands offer and compare their product prices. With these guidelines in mind, maintaining your beard will be much easier.

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How to Find Custom Made Uniforms All over Dubai, the beginning of the school year forces parents to bring out their cheque books and multiple credit cards in order to pay for school fees and various other expenses that parents simply can’t overlook; this sets their budgets back by thousands. The most daunting expenses are those that involve the uniforms. The overall cost for the custom made uniforms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi will depend on which school their children are enrolled in; uniform costs range from Dh400 to Dh1,000 each year. People have some sort of negative ideas when it comes to custom made items, for them if you can buy the versions that are not customised then why opt for the custom made? It’s quite a shame, if only people would look for manufacturers with amazing skills and flawless craftsmanship then they’ll realise how worth it a custom made and comfortable uniform is; sometimes, custom made uniforms are more affordable and have higher quality. Deciding to have a custom made uniform that can flatter your build is alright, it boosts your confidence and you won’t hate every minute of wearing it. A lot of the schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi outsource uniforms; the school uniforms that they’ll outsource will arrive complete with the school logos. There was a school, which as few years ago, made major changes in their uniform packages which demanded Dh1,000 from the upset parents; the said school package contain shoes and a bag, which parents thought were not needed. Of course all the uproar of the upset parents would cause the school management to release a statement, the said statement indicated that the package was properly priced for the quantity and quality that would be supplied. It wasn’t long before parents protested, thus forcing the school to offer a much more affordable deal for the school package.
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For those of you who don’t know, schools that sell their uniforms within the campus have to acquire approval from Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development and Abu Dhabi Education Council or ADEC in order to properly justify the reason for raised prices. If the certain school decided to outsource the uniforms instead of selling them inside the campus, then they don’t have to ask permission from the mentioned authorities; in these situations the parents have no other real choice but to pay.
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Recently, ADEC has introduced standardised uniforms for all the students that belong in government schools inside the capital. Since the officials have already applied and updated the uniform designs and specifications on their websites, the parents only have to visit the page, write down the specifications and have them tailored. The logos on the uniforms were not randomly chosen, they were decided after a consultation from various principals.

Best Indian Fashion Designers for Contemporary Indian Tunics

Indian Fashion Designers are most famous for creating traditional Indian clothes, but in recent years Indian Designers have been creating contemporary styled clothes, including Tunics.

Tunics are loose tops very popular in the Middle East and amongst Western customers, because they are comfortable and at the same time depending on the silhouette, can be very flattering. Tunics created from rich fabrics featuring beautiful embroidered detailing by leading Indian fashion designers are sought after because they are very unique.

Indian Designers create all types and kinds of Tunics, some feature detailed embroidered while others play on the fabrics and the subtle detailing on the fabrics. In this article, we highlight some of the best Indian Designers for Contemporary tunics.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

STYLING: Contemporary Indian Tunics do not get more contemporary than the ones created by Rajesh Pratap Singh. His styling is elegant and for a confident woman that is looking for a piece that is complimentary to her looks. This Indian Designer has been called the International face of Indian Contemporary Fashion many times for a reason.

WATCH OUT FOR: Subtle detailing and beautiful play on fabrics using subtle detailing like covered buttons and faggotting. The Contemporary tunics are amongst the most elegantly crafted.

PRICES(out of $$$$$): $$$$

Neeru Kumar

STYLING: Elegant and simple are the keywords for Neeru Kumar. The contemporary Indian tunics are created using luxurious fabrics and minimalistic detailing like spot sequins. Neeru Kumar is a very renowned designer that is known for her strength to use textiles and fabrics in an elegant and impressive fashion.

WATCH OUT FOR: Textiles that are going to impress. The prints, colours and silhouettes of contemporary tunics created by Neeru Kumar are beautiful and elegant.

PRICES(out of $$$$$): $$$

Abraham & Thakore

STYLING: Contemporary, Contemporary and Contemporary. Abraham & Thakore create beautiful contemporary Indian tunics that never fail to impress. The detailing is subtle and hidden, the fabrics are luxurious and the overall look is chic.

WATCH OUT FOR: Parisian chic styling on luxurious fabrics featuring detailing in the form of mother of pearl or subtle embroidery. The contemporary tunics created by this designer duo are elegant in any setting or geography.

PRICES(out of $$$$$): $$$

Siddartha Tytler

STYLING: Contemporary Indian Tunics detailed with sequins and embroidered detailing is the forte of Indian Designer Siddartha Tytler. The design sensibilities are going to be ideal for a confident woman who is not afraid to be the centre of attention as she walks into a room.

WATCH OUT FOR: Modern detailing, flattering silhouettes and a healthy dose of oomph. Contemporary tunics in fitted styles are trademark for this Delhi based designer.

PRICES(out of $$$$$): $$$


As you might notice, each of these Indian Designers ( Rajesh Pratap Singh, Neeru Kumar, Abraham & Thakore and Neeru Kumar) has their distinct style that reflects in their creations, including their contemporary Indian tunics. These Indian designers represent a mix of different tastes and styles. You can shop the latest collection of Indian Designer Tunics from these and other designers at Strand of Silk.